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Counselling: Top 4 types of Counseling in brief

Humankind is filled with emotions and feelings which drives behaviour. When human behaviour interferes with someone’s peace or hinders someone or the person itself the need for counselling arises. Counselling is thought to be professional guidance or advice with techniques and therapies given to someone who is facing issues like mental issues, family conflicts, career confusion, in life. The psychologist uses various practices, tests and therapies to study the client closely and identify the main problem as well as aim to minimise the cause of the problem. People often go through criticism by the members of the society. They are under the constant pressure of being someone who they are not. This hinders their peace of mind. Counselling allows people to be themselves without tagging, judging or labelling them. It provides an environment full of acceptance and affection. Counselling is not just talking and listening. It also includes a lot of strategies, therapies and activities. There are various types of counselling. Some of them are:

1) Marriage and Family counselling: people living together may have conflicts and to solve these and move towards positive habits, people require counselling. Counsellors help couples and families to make wise decisions and work on rebuilding or strengthening their relationship. The aim is to increase understanding and communication among them. For example, child-parent conflicts, domestic violence, death of a family member, financial crisis and misunderstandings.

2) Educational counselling: There is a spike in competition in every field. Moreover, people are recognising new streams and fields of career. This confuses students while choosing a career path. When students become clueless, the role of educational counsellor comes into the play. Methods used by these counsellors are private sessions, aptitude tests, seminars and orientations. Importance of the support provided by the counsellor helps the student to fill the gap between their goal and current situation. They assist students in showing discipline behaviour with proper guidance. Educational counselling is required for cases including bullying, career confusion, vocational guidance and special needs services.

3) Rehabilitation counselling: Here the counsellor renders help to those who have emotional and physical disabilities. The focus is to improve the mental health of clients and make them independent. Clients are guided, evaluated and assisted during counselling. Examples of such kind of counselling include mental health cases, job placement, vocational consultation and caseload management.

4) Substance abuse counselling: People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need external support to help them break this habit. Such kind of support is provided by substance abuse counsellors. Various coping strategies are suggested by the counsellor. Some examples of substance abuse are nicotine, alcohol, hallucinogens, sedatives, inhalants, opioids, cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines. Counsellors combine several types of therapies and techniques to handle such cases.

Depending upon the need one must choose the kind of counselling it is also important to understand that it is not just psychic people who require counselling. It can also be helpful to talk about day-to-day issues and problems. We must accept the people who are going through counselling and should show patience rather than ignoring or criticising them. Counselling at initial stages of life will result in favour of people by preventing them from getting into major issues. It is time to make people aware of it and take the help from counselling professionals when needed.


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